Harbor Freight 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review: Everything You Need to Know

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An air compressor is an essential tool for both amateur and professional handymen. When it comes to operating equipment whether it’s for automotive, commercial or industrial use, you’ll definitely want to get a powerful air compressor to do the job. To find the best air compressor, it’s highly recommended for you to read Harbor Freight 60 gallon air compressor reviews.

About Harbor Freight Air Compressor

Harbor Freight is a reputable equipment brand that produces its own line of compressors. However, it also has a commercial category wherein it supplies the air compressor for other brands such as Central Pneumatic, DeWalt, Makita, and Bostitch. Harbor Freight also offers air compressors that are designed for large-scale industrial projects particularly a 100-gallon air tank. 

You can also get a portable air compressor if you’re working on minor tasks such as sandblasting. Meanwhile, you can also opt for an ultra-quiet technology depending on your preference and need. For more information, check out Harbor Freight 60 gallon air compressor reviews.

Product Overview

Central Pneumatic compressors are sold under the Harbor Freight brand. Harbor Freight 60 gallon compressor 93274 offers different types of air compressors including the Central Pneumatic 60 gallon air compressor. This entry-level air compressor is built with high-quality cast-iron cylinders with valves made from stainless steel. Hence, it is highly durable and can last you for many years. As compared to the US General 60 gallon air compressor, customers prefer the Central Pneumatic model.

This ASME certified air compressor is suitable to use in different environments including the garage, shop or factory. However, it is not ideal for serious and heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, if you use this tool once in a while and don’t abuse it regularly, then this air compressor will definitely work for you. 

The Harbor freight brand manufactures tools all over the world. However, the part of the Central Pneumatic Air Compressor has limited parts. Therefore, you might run into problems when looking for a motor or pump replacement. On the other hand, the parts of this model may be used on other models under the same brand. 

The Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor has an air delivery of 15.8 CFM at 90 PSI and a maximum PSI of 165. This ASME certified tank comes with a safety valve and has an automatic start and stop button. At the same time, it doesn’t require a mag starter. This air compressor features a 5-horsepower and 60-gallon tank which works with a 240 voltage. 

How it Works

The big 60 gallon two stage Harbor Freight compressor works great for tasks such as sandblasting, powder coating, and automotive works. For those who prefer a more reliable tool without going over the top, a 5-HP and 60-gallon air compressor will do the trick. You may find that some air compressors may be cheaper than this but those probably come with lower horsepower, air capacity, and only one stage. 

The Central Pneumatic Air Compressor can keep up with most tasks required around the household or garage. It doesn’t appear to have any problems in filling up the tank in just five minutes. It’s also less noisy compared to other similar air compressors which are too loud.

This two-stage compressor is built with a small cylinder at the back while the bigger cylinder is at the front which passes through the intercooler. This helps circulate a cooler air into the tank. 

The Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is ideal for light tasks and is very reliable as long as you stick to minor jobs. It offers efficient recovery time with consistent airflow.


  • Good price

  • Quiet motor

  • Fills up quickly

  • Good pressure

  • Plenty of air


  • Limited availability of parts

  • Motor may easily break 

  • Tank leaks

  • Not suitable for regular use

  • Wears out easily


The Central Pneumatic is a good brand to consider if you’re looking for a 5-HP 60-gallon air compressor. It is an entry-level brand built with good quality parts designed for basic uses. While there are positive reviews of the Central Pneumatic air compressor, there are also negative feedbacks about the brand. 

The Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Tool is ideal for users who often work on minor tasks. It is great for jobs that don’t require heavy-duty performance. At the same time, this 5-HP 60-gallon tool works best for occasional jobs. 

On the other hand, you think you will require an air compressor for heavy-duty applications, then you should consider investing in a high-quality commercial air compressor. This type of air compressor will suit your specific needs best.

With the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor, you’ll be able to save a few dollars because it is more affordable compared to other similar types of compressors. If you often use your air compressor on a regular basis, then this tool may not be for you. Nonetheless, with its reasonable price point, this tool is a valuable addition to your home equipment. 

Common Questions Asked When Buying a Harbor Freight Air Compressor

Why Buy an Air Compressor?

Air tools are built to last longer than other types of tools. At the same time, it comes with different speed options as well as torque control. It prevents contaminants from being exposed due to potential air leaks. 

This type of equipment doesn’t get hot while you’re operating it. Therefore, it runs smoothly and coolly. Another reason to buy an air tool is that it doesn’t pose as a fire hazard and you won’t get any electrical shock while using it as opposed to using electronic equipment.

The ratio of power to weight in air tools are higher. According to Harbor Freight 60 gallon air compressor reviews, users can experience less fatigue when using air tools.

What is the Difference Between a Single-Stage and Two-Stage Compressor?

  • 60 Gallon Air Compressor - 1 Stage, 5 HP, 155 PSI

  • 60 Gallon Air Compressor - 2 Stage, 5 HP, 165 PSI

The stages of compressor pertain to the type of pump used. The pump draws in the air into the compressor. A single-stage compressor delivers a maximum of 155 PSI with a CFM rating under 100 PSI. This enables the air to be compressed into the tank in just one stage.

A two-stage compressor compresses the air in the first stage. Afterward, it moves it to the second stage for another set of compression. It passes it into the second stage for compression. Therefore, it is important to know which type of air compressor you need. Make the best judgement by checking out more Harbor Freight 60 gallon air compressor reviews.

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